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What's Trending on TikTok? — November 2022 Roundup

Trend: Hacker — November 10, 2022

Trend Recap: This trend suggests that *if* a hacker threatened to leak all your photos, the images might not be what they expect.

From cute cat pics to selfies of yourself crying — use the beat of this audio to share your camera roll's best!

Audio: оригінальний звук - Viktoriaa🌸

Current # of Posts: 195K

Trend: All I Want For Christmas Is — November 10, 2022

Trend Recap: The queen of Christmas has entered the chat. Use Mariah Carey's holiday hit to celebrate the magic of the season while you dress the tree, or embark on a festive recipe!

Audio: All I Want For Christmas Is - Mariah Carey

Current # of Posts: 10.8M

Trend: All Your’n — November 4, 2022

Trend Recap: What better way to ring in cuffing season, than with this sound?

Use this sped-up Tyler Childers song to show off, and brag about your love life!

Audio: All Your'n (Sped Up) - Tyler Childers

Current # of Posts: 189K

Trend: Bejeweled — November 4, 2022

Trend Recap: Make your next TikTok shimmer thanks to Taylor Swift's latest track.

When the beat drops, position yourself away from the camera and do your best model walk back toward it.

TIP: Don’t forget to wiggle your fingers on “shimmer.”

Audio: Bejeweled - Taylor Swift

Current # of Posts: 126K

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